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Posted on 21 Mar 2020.
ctf writeup riftctf

Main event page: https://technovate.iiitnr.ac.in/
Main CTF page: http://riftctf.iiitnr.ac.in:8000/

RIFTCTF 2020 was the first CTF organized by the IIIT Naya Raipur as part of their Technovate 2020 event. There were some problems with the infrastucture and some challenges were not working as intended. In addition, the flag format was unclear in most of the challenges what led us to a lot of guessing. Guessing is not nice :P. However, it’s not all bad news, the challenges we managed to solve were pretty enjoyable (we also enjoyed those we didn’t solve) and we learned throughout the process which, as always, is main objective.

I’d like to thank Kashmir54 and liti0s for participating along with me.

The CTF had several categories. In this page you will find the following writeups:

Reverse Engineering

Chall 1

This challenge was pretty easy since the password was hardcoded, that is, it was stored as plain ASCII in the .rodata section of the EFL. Using strings or any other null-terminated strings finder gives you the flag.

Or you could inspect full contents of the ELF section with objdump.

The flag is: riftCTF{tr4c1ng-mAkes-17-SUPeR-345Y}

Chall 2

I used Cutter to reverse the binary. The main calls fcn.00001165 with some parameters and prints Correct password if the return value of the call is 0.

In case you’re wondering why there are no function names: it’s because the binary is stripped.

Looking at the code of fcn.00001165 we can see it performs a bitwise XOR with 0x55 and every character of the user input. Notices that I renamed some variables so it is easier to understand.. Then it XORs again with every each character of the original expected password. Then it performs a bitwise OR with the first 32 bits of i, that is, it performs OR with itself. That’s the way the compiler checks if the result of each iteration of XORs is equal to 0.

Maybe looking at the disassembly code and not the decompiled one is easier to understand what’s happening here.

Basically the program is checking whether the result of XORing each character from the user input with 0x55 equals to the second parameter received by the function. That is, the expected password. Looking at how the main calls fcn.00001165, we can see the second passed parameter is “'<3!\x16\x01\x13.!'a6<;2\n1ef&;!\n"e'>\n4;,\x18e'ff(“. So, given the properties of XOR, in order to get the correct password we must XOR each character from the previous string with 0x55.

The flag is: riftCTF{tr4cing_d03snt_w0rk_anyM0r33}


Forensics 2

This challenge was as simple as analyzing the .zip file and extracting its contents.

The flag is: riftCTF{Y0u-M4st33r3-THE_ZIP_FILE-\x50\x4B\x01\x02}


Crypto 1

The flag was just a message encoded multiple times as base64.

The flag is: riftCTF{Its_4LL_ab0ut_BaS3}

Crypto 4

The challenge included the following image:

The flags correspond to the International Maritime Signal Flags.

The flag translated to riftctf{justa7r1but3t0armedforces} but it was incorrect. After asking some CTF organizers, turns out the flag was riftCTF{just_a_7r1but3_t0_armedforces}.

Crypto 5

The challenge included the following image:

It is dagger alphabet. You must just translate the message.

The flag is: riftctfbonjourelliot

Crypto 7

The challenge included the following image:

It’s a strange alphabet (yet another substitution algorithm). You can use https://www.dcode.fr/hylian-language-twilight-princess to decode it.

The flag is: riftctf{survival_of_the_fittest} (separate words with “_”)


Osint 4

The challenge included the following image:

After researching for some time I found out it is a Ford Ka 2nd generation.

The flag is: Fordka 2008 I know, it makes no sense. According to the challenge description it should’ve been Ford 2008.

Osint 5

In this challenge you had to find the country where the IP is hosted in.

The IP is indeed a network camera. You can find the country simply by asking whois about the ip.

The flag is: The flag is: riftctf{Belgium}